Specialising in crafting bespoke consultancy and procurement solutions tailored to your unique needs

We focus on delivering transformative consultancy and procurement solutions across various sectors, specialising in paper and packaging, engineering, IT and Telecom, and more. With expertise spanning industries, we tailor strategies and procure essential assets to drive your business forward.



We offer expert guidance and tailored strategies across diverse industries, empowering you to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with confidence.

Paper & Packaging Industry

MT specialise in innovative technical solutions for pulp, paper, and packaging industries, coupled with comprehensive trade services. From cutting-edge machinery to tailored modifications and turnkey projects, we empower clients to lead in evolving markets.

Business & Management

We prioritise providing customised solutions to drive organisational success. Leveraging our extensive experience across various industries, our holistic services encompass consultancy, training, and project management. Our goal is to equip clients with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in ever-changing market landscapes.

IT, Telecom & Technology

At MT, we pride ourselves on providing customised solutions that precisely align with industry-specific needs. Whether it's cutting-edge software development or robust telecom infrastructure, our comprehensive range of services covers all bases. Leveraging our expertise in emerging technologies, we empower clients to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring they maintain a competitive edge.


We excel in delivering tailored solutions to meet diverse industry needs. From innovative design to precision manufacturing, our comprehensive services cover a wide array of disciplines. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure our clients achieve optimal performance and reliability in their projects.

Freight & Transport

In the realm of Freight & Shipment, our core mission is to provide bespoke solutions finely tuned to optimise logistical efficiency. With a wealth of experience spanning various sectors, we offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing consultancy and project management. Our commitment is to empower clients to navigate the dynamic and intricate transportation landscapes adeptly, fostering seamless operations and gaining competitive advantages.


MT focus is on delivering tailored solutions that maximize real estate potential. With a diverse portfolio of experiences across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, our comprehensive services include property development, management, and investment consultancy. Our commitment is to empower clients to make informed decisions, capitalise on market opportunities, and achieve optimal returns on their property investments.


For high net worth individuals seeking strategic financial growth, our Investment division offers unparalleled expertise and personalised solutions. With a deep understanding of global markets and a track record of success, we provide bespoke investment strategies tailored to your unique goals and risk tolerance. From traditional asset classes to alternative investments, our comprehensive approach ensures diversification and resilience in your portfolio. Partnering with us means access to exclusive opportunities, proactive risk management, and a dedicated team committed to maximising your wealth and securing your financial future.


In the realm of Automotive Sales, we specialise in delivering unparalleled service and expertise to discerning clients. With a keen eye on market trends and a passion for automotive excellence, we offer a curated selection of vehicles tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. From luxury saloon to high-performance sports cars, our inventory reflects the pinnacle of automotive engineering and innovation. Our dedicated team provides personalised guidance and support throughout the purchasing process, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience. Whether you seek luxury, performance, or utility, trust MT to exceed your expectations and deliver automotive excellence tailored to you.

Public Sector

In the dynamic arena of the Public Sector, securing lucrative contracts through successful tendering processes is paramount. Our specialised team excels in providing comprehensive support to companies aiming to navigate these complexities with confidence and finesse. From meticulous document preparation to strategic bid submissions, we ensure that your proposals stand out amidst competition. Leveraging our industry expertise and in-depth understanding of governmental regulations, we tailor our assistance to your specific needs, guiding you through every stage of the procurement journey. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and ongoing support, we empower you to not only secure contracts but also cultivate long-term partnerships with government agencies, driving growth and success in the public sector landscape.


We specialise in acquiring essential assets and resources, leveraging our industry expertise to streamline processes and optimize supply chains for sustainable growth and success.

Paper & Packaging Industry

MT specialise in innovative technical solutions for pulp, paper, and packaging industries, coupled with comprehensive trade services. From cutting-edge machinery to tailored modifications and turnkey projects, we empower clients to lead in evolving markets.

Industrial Machinery

MT stands at the forefront of industrial innovation, providing bespoke solutions for diverse machinery needs. Our comprehensive services cover the entire lifecycle, from precision engineering and robust design to seamless installation and ongoing maintenance. With a keen focus on enhancing productivity and reliability, we empower industrial clients to thrive in demanding environments.